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spunbond nonwoven fabric

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spunbond nonwoven fabric spunbond nonwoven fabric from Foshan Rayson Non-woven Co., Ltd. is robustly constructed of the highest-grade materials for outstanding durability and lasting satisfaction. Each step of its manufacturing is carefully controlled in our own facilities for outstanding quality. In addition, the on-site laboratory assures that it meets the stringent performance. With these features, this product holds plenty of promise.

rayson nonwoven spunbond nonwoven fabric rayson nonwoven plays an important role in the global market. Since its establishment, our branded products bring significant influence on the market. Our products are of great value for customers and they are far superior to competitors in terms of performance and quality. The result is that our products have brought considerable profit margins to customers.meltbond nonwoven,hydrophilic non woven,hydroentangled nonwoven.

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